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Informational Report & Press Release
Republican Legislative District Committee
For Senate District 24.
From: Ken Adams, Chairman
         Legislative District Committee
           For Senate District 24
           (540) 942-1880
           December 5, 2014
          On December 3rd, the LDC for Senate District 24 decided to nominate its candidate for the State Senate by calling a Convention.

          The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) authorizes in its State Party Plan (SPP) four types of Committees for the transaction of business. They are the State Central Committee, the Congressional District Committees, the Legislative District Committees, and the County and City Committees.

          Legislative Districts for Delegates and Senators span and encompass several County and City Committees. The LDC for Senate District 24 includes seven Committees, which are also called Units. They are Waynesboro, Augusta, Staunton, part of Rockingham, Greene, Madison, and part of Culpeper.

          According to the State Party Plan of the RPV, the members of the Legislative District Committees are the Chairmen of the Units that comprise the Districts. That means there are seven members of the LDC for Senate District 24.

          Senator Emmett Hanger is the incumbent. According to media reports, he will likely announce his intention to be re-elected in November 2015. Candidates Dan Moxley and Marshall Pattie have announced that they will challenge Senator Hanger for the nomination.

          The SPP of the RPV states “The Legislative District Committee shall determine whether candidates for Legislative District public office shall be nominated by Mass Meeting, Party Canvass, Convention, or Primary, where permitted to do so under Virginia Law.”

          The Code of Virginia includes section 24.2-509, which permits incumbents to select the method of their re-nomination. This section is often called the Incumbent Protection Act because it allows an incumbent, and not the Republican Party, to determine the method by which he or she will be re-nominated to represent the Republican Party.

          Typically, incumbents, when challenged, choose an open Primary, as it allows non-Republicans to participate in the nomination of the Republican candidate.

          Recent court decisions have ruled in favor of the right of private organizations, such as the Republican Party, to select their leaders without government interference.     

          The government may not decide who gets to lead or represent a private organization. That right is well-established in Constitutional Law. It is called the Freedom of Association.

          On Friday, December 5th, the decision of the LDC was hand-delivered to the State Board of Elections in Richmond. The documents were delivered to Chairman Charlie Judd and Matt Abell, the head of Election Services.

          Copies of the letter to the State Board of Elections can be read here; and a Statement from the Attorney representing the LDC can be read here.

*                               A LETTER TO CONGRESSMAN ROBERT HURT                                 *
*   At our November meeting, the following letter was unanimously approved by   *
*     our committee, and it has now been hand-delivered to Congressman Hurt.      *

Memorandum on the Results of the 2014 Election

Dear Congressman Hurt,

We congratulate you on your decisive victory in the Virginia Fifth Congressional District! Some might say that the “third time is the charm”? Regardless, many people across the District, including this Committee, worked hard to ensure your re-election. This is borne out in your 68.3% win in Greene County.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you of the “sense” of this Committee regarding the national results of the 2014 Election. The Mainstream Media, as well as the Democrat Party that includes the barely victorious Senator Mark Warner, are spinning the yarn that “the American people expect Compromise and want the parties to work together to solve problems”. This is a blatant falsification of what the voters chose on November 4th. From Congressional seats to dog catcher, the voters repudiated the inept performance of the Progressive leadership in states, cities and townships across this once proud and great land. Even normally blue states chose change by electing Republican governors. The Election of 2014 is best summarized as a total rejection of President Obama’s policies and objectives.

A recent Gallup poll taken just after the election showed the approval rating of Congressional Republicans at 42% versus President Obama’s approval at 39%. Additionally, when the same respondents were asked who they would prefer to lead the country, Congressional Republicans were chosen over President Obama by a huge margin of 56% to 36%. So in the eyes of the voting public it is time for Republicans to lead, not compromise, and to resist kowtowing to fears planted by the Mainstream Media or the Democrat and Obama spin machine. If our Party would stand tall and stop Obama and then begin a systematic reversal of his damaging policies of the last six years, we fully believe the Republican Party will be richly rewarded in 2016.

Post-election statements by our apparently reaffirmed House and Senate leaders, in whom we have little confidence, are not encouraging. We will not settle for our leaders saying “there is nothing we can do”. We expect creative thinking and tireless parliamentary maneuvering to stop the destruction of our economic well-being and freedoms. We expect immediate curtailment of deficit spending and a return to order in the budgeting process; and this specifically includes the proposal and passage of smaller individual budget bills in lieu of a single “omnibus” spending bill. We call for finalizing investigations and meting out punishments in scandals such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and the “children” invading our southern border and infecting our children (including deaths) with enterovirus D68, as well as other infringements on Constitutional order too numerous to mention. We expect our Congressional leaders to unify and stop Obama’s unilateral action on immigration reform, by whatever means it may require. We expect the full repeal of Obamacare and improvement of our Healthcare system through market-based solutions. We expect royal battles over any judicial and cabinet nominees who are expected to be nothing more than enthusiastic implementers and supporters of the Obama Administration’s continuing destructive agenda, including his recent nominee for Attorney General. We expect our leadership to insert themselves into salvaging our foreign policy and call for adult leadership in restoring our military readiness and relationships with our traditional allies. In short, we can summarize our expectations as simply requiring our Party to actually be a legitimate opposition party through the fulfillment of the promises made to the American people by most Republican candidates who just won their Congressional seats.

Congressman Hurt, you are our voice in Washington. We ask you to be a leader in trumpeting our concerns to Congress by adopting a sense of urgency that is palpable. Time is short and we cannot express that in stronger terms. Recent news events have led us to conclude that our forebodings of deceptive practices in Washington over the past six years were well founded. We will no longer stand to be GRUBERED! And, we will no longer remain silent while our Party’s leadership proposes and passes more politically expedient legislation- instead of pursuing bills that will effectively address the legitimate concerns of the American people!

Respectfully submitted,

The Greene County Republican Committee

Edward A. Yensho - Chairman

Unanimously approved at our monthly business meeting on November 17, 2014
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