To: FBI Director James Comey:

Thank you, Director Comey.

I have a small, home-based business, and you have made my life so much easier.

Since my husband recently retired, I have decided to significantly downsize my marketing to simplify life in our senior years. Your decision not to indict for the mishandling of classified government security documents further simplifies what has always been a very time-consuming task for me: the meticulous record-keeping for government tax purposes.

I am the same age as Hillary Clinton, and like her I am not “sophisticated” with government coding and computer skills. Unlike Hillary, I do not have a staff of highly skilled, highly paid professionals to assist me in the administration of those skills. 

My record-keeping for tax purposes has been extremely laborious. I am glad that it is perfectly acceptable for me now to adapt that process for the sake of convenience.

I do not intend to misplace any tax information. However, I am glad to know that I can now legitimately care less about the process and that if, accidently in my carelessness, I unintentionally misplace such things as records of sales, I will be exonerated.

I anticipate that the standard of intent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be the same standard for the Internal Revenue Service. Likewise, I anticipate that the standard of intent for a former secretary of state will be the same standard for an ordinary citizen, like me.

Deloris Linam
Greene County

Originally published in The Daily Progress



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