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Recent news reports of voter fraud in Harrisonburg, Virginia have largely gone unreported and it is very important that we all understand some of the details.  A student at James Madison University (JMU) has confessed to voter fraud when he presented voter registration forms to the City Registrar’s Office for numerous persons that were known to be deceased.  The student was working with an organization called HarrisonburgVOTES *, an obscure organization founded by Joe Fitzgerald and two JMU students. Their mission seems to be limited to voter registration.

In order for individuals and organizations to legally conduct voter registrations drives in Virginia, they must complete training and be certified by the Virginia Dept. of Elections.  HarrisonburgVOTES was certified by the Virginia Dept of Elections, and thus was fully informed of the proper way to conduct voter registrations, and the penalties for fraud.  HarrisonburgVOTES was aware they are fully liable for employees and volunteers actions conducting voter registration drives.

Besides being founder of HarrisonburgVOTES, Mr. Fitzgerald is the PR Coordinator at the JMU College of Arts and Letters, and he is Chairman of the 6th Congressional District Democrat Committee.

It is important to understand just how high up in the Virginia Democratic Party Joe Fitzgerald is.  The state of Virginia is divided up into 11 Congressional Districts, for our 11 Representatives in the House of Congress.  For each Congressional District, there is a Democratic Committee, which in turn has a Chairman.  Each of these 11 Democratic District Chairmen serve on the Steering Committee e.g. the Board of the VA Democratic State Party.  See their State Party website, halfway down page.)

His wife, Deb Fitzgerald, is Chairman of both the Harrisonburg (City) Democratic Committee and the Harrisonburg Planning Commission. Interestingly, she also serves as the Chief Election Officer for the JMU Convocation (Convo) Center Voting Precinct in Harrisonburg. This is a recently created precinct that contains a high number of college student voters. An Election Officer is responsible for the proper and orderly voting in a local precinct. A report on the investigation was given to the City of Harrisonburg Electoral Board at their 9/12/2016 meeting by Chris Bean of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.  (Download the Minutes, see page 3) 

The close relationship between the confessed fraudster and Election Officers and State Democrat Party leadership cannot be ignored and is quite troubling. Few people have any idea how far this sort of corruption has crept into our system. Research shows that voter fraud charges are rarely prosecuted at the state or federal level. Given the media’s reluctance to report on such matters we must do our best to inform the voters about this corruption and make sure it doesn’t happen on our watch.

Update October 3, 2016 - because of the increased scrutiny, the HarrisonburgVOTES website and Facebook page have been suddenly taken down.  However here's a screenshot of the website's 'About' page, with a biography of Joe Fitzgerald:

Screenshot from 'About' page of HarrsionburgVOTES website
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Here are some other informative links, which haven't been removed yet: &

Because this topic of voter fraud in Harrisonburg is so controversial and current and the direct links with the state Democratic Party leadership are so important and yet ignored by mainstream media, we will provide updates as they become available.

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