Please take a moment to review the agenda and related materials for the 2/28/2017 Greene County Board of Supervisor’s (BoS) meeting, which is held in the County Meeting Room, in the Administration Building and the public session starts at 7:30 pm. There are a couple of items that may be of particular interest. There is an information item regarding special tax districts. Special tax districts are created to fund specific projects or needs, typically infrastructure. An additional tax is levied on all properties within the district to fund the project. This is likely related to the funding for the White Run Reservoir project.

There is a resolution from the Tourist Advisory Council regarding blighted properties that requests that the BoS add conditions to the Special Use Permit (SUP) being considered for the property at Rts. 33 & 29. This resolution also requests that further regulation be considered to address blighted or abandoned properties.

Please consider these issues carefully and plan to attend the meeting or watch the live streaming online here.

GCRC Local Action Committee

For more information, please contact GCRC Vice Chairman Keith Bourne at


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